Millennia’s know they can’t rely on the “Traditional Career Options”

teen2The best business ideas for teenagers are nurtured by parents and utilize by the teen’s innate gifts and talents. So, test the waters; get involved and then actively pursue your interests using the resources provided at the ‘The Teen Entrepreneur Summer Program’ is sure to set you on your way!

Most will agree that the spirit of entrepreneurship is the driving force in the growth of the American economy. NFIB research shows that there are about 4 million new businesses created in the United States each year, resulting in new jobs, and opportunities for new business activity for existing businesses.
Many argue about the differences between small business and entrepreneurship. We believe Edward de Bono’s ideas about creativity and apply it to the area of small business. If educators (and business owners) focus on “what is” or “what was” and teach their students or employees how to do a job as it has always been done, we believe this is “small business management.” They are just managing the existing business with little orientation to creativity, without a focus on “what can be” or “what might be.”

Our campers will experience thinking about new ways to improve the operations of an existing or new business idea.


The Teen Entrepreneurs Summer Program will feature guest speaker & Professional Inventor Christopher Hawker.

Feature Guest Speaker and Professional Inventor

Feature Guest Speaker and Professional Inventor

Born with the entrepreneurial bug; Hawker started his first business in his bedroom when he was 13 years old, breeding exotic birds. He had his own aquarium maintenance business by the age of 16, using filters he had designed and manufactured himself.

Today, Hawker runs the successful industrial design firm Trident Design LLC. Founded in 2000, the Columbus, Ohio-based Trident has brought over 50 inventions to market, innovations that can now be found in Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Best Buy and more. These products include the Pro-ScraperOnion GogglesGarlic Master and the Power Squid.

Chris Hawker_Trident-Design

 **Guest Speaker- Chris Borja (Topic: Networking)                                                           Chris Borja

Chris regularly facilitate networking workshops with activity-based lessons to make immediate and lasting impact. “We have lots of fun, and make many new friendships in the process.”

“Good networkers are an asset to the community where they do business. They become connectors, and create win-win situations!”

chris-volpe **Guest Speaker- Chris Volpe of Multivarious Games, LLC

Entrepreneur, Chris Volpe left his job with OSU Wexner Medical Center to solidify a video game-making business at his company Multivarious Games in his early twenties. Today, Multivarious is having its best year!

Chris will be speaking on the topics of Marketing, Promoting your business and Sells.

**Guest Speaker-Matt Veryser (Topic: Teamwork/Leadership)

Matt is an analyst at Rev1 Ventures, a public/private Venture Capital firm.Matthew Veryser

He started his first start up as a Junior in college, however, he have several early entrepreneurial stories that will relate well with kids; specifically to managing product development in an agile manner (prioritization of tasks/features) and product validation (gaining early traction).

**Guest Speaker-Imanuel Larcher (Topic: Teamwork/Leadership)

Imanuel is the Innovator, Marketer and Social Entrepreneur of YourInfoDaily.com, which provides readers with positive and helpful information from throughout the world; focusing on creating opportunities in digital media.

imanuel larcher

Seth**Guest Speaker-Seth Miller- (Topic: Finance & Money Management &Turning Ideas Into Reality)

Seth Miller and team took home first place at Startup Weekend Ohio in 2013.

Rapchat is a new way to send messages to friends.  It takes the complications out of recording songs and enables sharing of music ideas, everyday messages, or even inside jokes.

It give users a chance to rap on a variety of beats. We’re in the process of nailing down agreements with artists and producers so users will be able to rap on some of their favorite artist’s beats.


***Very Special Guest…


CoverMyMeds embraces any opportunity to help start-up companies by mentoring and offering sponsorship’s, especially when the work involves technology. It is heavily involved with Start Up Weekend Columbus, an annual 54-hour event that brings together developers, entrepreneurs and experts who explore ideas and start-up pitches.